How can social media help established brands?

If a brand has been around for many years, faces competition from upstarts, and doesn't know what to do on social media, where do they start? 

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New Jezroc Metalworks website showcases high-end metal work

Jezroc Metalworks, a high-end metal shop in Zionsville, Indiana, produces a wide array of brilliant and beautiful products. Lead the Pack designed their new website, which showcases their work in large photos on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

Custom iron railings designed, fabricated and installed by Jezroc Metalworks add the finishing touch to an estate in Carmel, Indiana. 

Owned and operated by Matt Quanrud and Jen McNew, Jezroc Metalworks was founded in 2008 and started out by creating custom metal dog gates. I first had the pleasure of meeting them when they contacted me while I was director of communications and marketing at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Matt and Jen love dogs and wanted to volunteer their services to IndyHumane.

They started by creating the custom gate, shown below, for my office: I often had troubled dogs in my office who needed extra training and love, but needed a sturdy way to keep them safely in the room. 

Jezroc to the rescue! They went above and beyond with their creation, which prominently featured IndyHumane's paw/heart logo. The gate wasn't only beautiful, but functional as well.

A custom steel dog gate donated to the Humane Society of Indianapolis for use in their administrative offices. 

In addition to decorative metal craft, Jezroc specializes in custom industrial metalworking services. They do incredible things I know virtually nothing about: CNC plasma cutting, welding, and all kinds of fabrication.

Even though I don't know much about metalworking, I'm learning quickly as I help Matt and Jen promote their small but quickly growing business. One thing I do  know, though, is how to promote a small business.

I met with Matt and Jen this summer to discuss their business goals. They have plenty of customers now, but wanted to ensure that the flow of incoming work continues.

They had a website previously, but weren't pleased with the functionality and needed to better represent their brand through content marketing.

Their new Squarespace-powered website provides the functionality they need. It's simple to use from the backend: They can quickly add blog posts with custom layouts, share their content, and create custom photo galleries of their work.

And the site is user-friendly for visitors, as well. Large, easily navigable slideshows showcase Jezroc's metal pieces quickly and smoothly not only on desktops, but on tablets and smartphones, too, meaning that potential clients can check out Jezroc's work easily before deciding to hire them. 

Visit  to see more of their work and learn more about their services, and leave a comment below to or contact me let me know what you think or if you're interested in getting a new site for yourself.