New Logo Design: Sustain-a-Bull

Lead the Pack enjoyed designing the logo for Sustain-a-Bull, an organization that will provide products and resources to dog lovers that promote the adoption of Pit Bulls and all dogs, strengthen the bond between dogs and their families, and foster the well-being of dogs in America.

When many people hear “Pit Bull,” thoughts of Michael Vick and vicious bites arise. But the American Pit Bull Terrier has a history much longer - and more positive - than the media may lead you to believe (though with positive coverage in Sports Illustrated, Time, and other media outlets, that’s slowly changing.)

Sustain-a-Bull needed a visual identity that was strongly symbolic and representative of the American Pit Bull Terrier’s storied history in America. What better way to share this idea than through Old Glory itself, the American flag? Lead the Pack used the historic and official Old Glory colors, and an Americentric font was used: American Typewriter is an approachable style with a throwback to the past that fits with the Sustain-a-Bull theme. The Pit Bull’s profile features the dog’s stereotypical squared head and all-too-often cropped ears - and if you don’t mind us reaching a bit more towards American symbolism, it recalls the iconic silhouetted profiles of early presidents such as George Washington (who apparently owned hounds, not American Pit Bull Terriers - but we digress.)

Sustain-a-Bull doesn’t yet have a website, but Lead the Pack will design the website when the time comes. Stay tuned. In the meantime, learn more about the history of Pit Bulls in the United States in “The Pit Bull Placebo,” a book detailing the dog’s vilification in the media.

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